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About Gabriele Bartolini

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Ciao! I’m Gabriele, an open-source programmer and entrepreneur boasting a Statistics degree from the University of Florence, specializing in data mining and data warehousing. My journey in the tech realm has been marked by significant contributions to the PostgreSQL ecosystem since the early 2000s.

Over the years, I’ve played a pivotal role in shaping lean and DevOps culture at 2ndQuadrant, and presently, I am steering the strategic direction of Kubernetes initiatives at EDB as Vice President of Cloud Native.

As a co-founder of CloudNativePG and Barman open-source projects, I am deeply committed to advancing technology and fostering collaborative development. Join me on this exciting journey at the intersection of innovation and open-source excellence!

Gabriele Bartolini
Gabriele Bartolini
VP of Cloud Native at EDB | PostgreSQL contributor | DoK Ambassador | CloudNativePG Maintainer | ex 2ndQuadrant (co-founder)