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Gabriele Bartolini

Gabriele Bartolini

VP of CloudNative at EDB | PostgreSQL contributor | DoK Ambassador | CloudNativePG Maintainer

Navigating the uncharted waters of PostgreSQL within Kubernetes using open-source technologies, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table as a KubeCon speaker, Data on Kubernetes Community Ambassador, maintainer of the CloudNativePG Operator, and author of Postgres books. My passions are DevOps, High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Very Large Databases (VLDB) and data warehousing with PostgreSQL. I’m VP of CloudNative at EDB. Opinions are my own.


CloudNativePG Recipe 9 - Inspecting the network and the storage in a CloudNativePG cluster

·8 mins

In this blog post, I delve into the crucial aspects of networking and storage within a CloudNativePG cluster deployed on Kubernetes. I explore how Kubernetes services manage external and internal communications for PostgreSQL clusters, ensuring high availability and seamless failover. Additionally, I examine the role of PersistentVolumeClaims in handling PostgreSQL data storage, offering insights into effective resource management. This article provides an example of the kind of knowledge DBAs need to acquire when managing PostgreSQL in cloud-native environments, highlighting the importance of collaboration with infrastructure teams and developers to ensure robust and resilient cluster operations.

Making the world my single point of failure with PostgreSQL

·14 mins

The upcoming CloudNativePG 1.24 introduces a game-changing feature: the ability to declaratively manage PostgreSQL cluster switchover across cloud regions or different Kubernetes clusters. This advancement enables the seamless demotion of a primary cluster and the promotion of a replica cluster in another region without the need to re-clone the former primary. This innovation significantly revolutionises database management practices, enhancing efficiency and reliability in multi-region and multi-cluster environments.

CloudNativePG, traditionally confined to single Kubernetes clusters, is now expanded its functionality to support distributed PostgreSQL topologies across multiple regions. This enhancement leverages declarative configurations to manage coordinated promotions, ensuring a single primary instance at any time. Based on PostgreSQL’s primary/standby architecture, this setup is designed to maintain operational continuity and cater to various deployment scenarios, including hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The new capabilities significantly improve high availability and disaster recovery by mitigating the risks associated with single points of failure in PostgreSQL deployments within Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Just Turned Ten: Where Does PostgreSQL Stand?

·14 mins

As Kubernetes marks its tenth anniversary, its influence on infrastructure management continues to grow. This article examines the increasing adoption of PostgreSQL within Kubernetes, fueled by its extensibility and AI applications. It highlights the journey of integrating PostgreSQL with Kubernetes, focusing on the CloudNativePG operator. A comparison between Kubernetes and traditional VM deployments underscores the advantages for database workloads. The article also calls for greater awareness and expertise in combining PostgreSQL with Kubernetes, aiming to enhance the adoption of this fully open-source stack across the IT landscape.

CloudNativePG Recipe 8: Participating in PostgreSQL 17 Testing Program in Kubernetes

·3 mins

Join the PostgreSQL 17 testing program using Kubernetes and CloudNativePG! With the recent release of PostgreSQL 17 Beta 1, our community has made operand container images available for testing. This article guides you through deploying a PostgreSQL 17 cluster, selecting specific Debian versions, and verifying installations. Perfect for developers in early stages, your participation will help identify and fix bugs before the final release. Get involved and ensure PostgreSQL 17 is robust and ready for production, even in Kubernetes!

… or thanks to Kubernetes! ;)

16 Years After The Launch of 2ndQuadrant Italy: Remembering Simon Riggs

·7 mins

Sixteen years ago, on May 21, 2008, we proudly announced the opening of the Italian branch of 2ndQuadrant, marking a milestone in PostgreSQL consulting and training in Europe. Simon Riggs, the visionary founder of 2ndQuadrant, placed immense trust in our small team from Prato, Tuscany. Tragically, Simon passed away on March 26, 2024, leaving a profound void. This article is my small tribute to Simon, his extraordinary leadership, and his invaluable contributions to the PostgreSQL community. It reflects on our journey, the challenges we faced, and the innovative spirit Simon instilled in us. Despite his passing, Simon’s legacy lives on through the values, principles, and examples he set, continuing to inspire and guide us.