codemotion3.jpgYesterday I had the pleasure to speak at the first edition of Codemotion in Rome. The event is the evolution of the “Java Day” in Italy, which now embraces different technologies as well. The idea behind this event - and I believe it is something we have to learn as well as PostgreSQL community members - is to go beyond our preferred technology and organise a joint conference with other user groups. Save money, save energies, save time (spare time).


Today the Open Source Developers’ Conference has started in Melbourne, in the beautiful scenario offered by the Abbotsford Convent. Great weather, about 30 degrees celsius, spectacular gardens and trees.

Last year, while I was setting up my Guild Starfire IV guitar, one of the screws of the bridge saddle broke. Since then, I have not been able to play it again, as I can't find this screw.

I really miss the sound of this 80s semi-acustic guitar.

Anyone who could help me on this would be much appreciated!

I have come back to Italy after the terrific experience of the European PostgreSQL Day 2009, which has been held in Paris last weekend.
Having organised the previous two editions, I must say that I am really proud of what the European community of PostgreSQL has become in the last two years, since its official birth.

Don't let the title of this article mislead you. This is not a review of the two RDBMS, rather a comment on the article "PostgreSQL vs MySQL - Comparative Review" which has been forwarded to the PostgreSQL advocacy list.
I believe that, when doing this kind of reviews, we all must be careful. The most important thing is that enough information on both systems must be gathered in advance, in order to come up with an objective review.
Once I read the article, I have tried to post a comment, but I never saw my post displayed. This is why I decided to write something on my personal blog.
Following Peter Eisentraut's report about the lack of translations on PostgreSQL and looking at the Babel Project, within the Italian PostgreSQL Users Group people have started to ask: "Why do we really suck like that?".

Oggi sono stato alla seconda giornata del Pistoia Blues 2009, e devo dire che purtroppo non sono uscito molto soddisfatto.

We all know about the terrible events following the earthquake that shook the city of L'Aquila and the entire Abruzzo region last April.
In assisting the university to reinstate its teaching program, the company I work for (2ndQuadrant Italia) will offer students a free and preferential consulting service on PostgreSQL.
Oggi ho partecipato come speaker per conto di Italian PostgreSQL Users Group alla edizione 2009 della conferenza nazionale sul software libero (ConfSL), tenutasi a Bologna.

Oggi ho il piacere di essere al Barcamp InnovatoriPA presso il Forum PA che si sta tenendo a Roma. Nel barcamp mi occuperò di esporre le idee promosse da Devise.IT per il monitoraggio automatico della qualità e dell'accessibilità dei siti web istituzionali nella PA tramite la tecnologia Gamera Web Evaluation Tool.
Ho preparato alcune slide per guidarmi nella presentazione iniziale, la quale sarà seguita da commenti/opinioni/idee e possibilità di collaborazione (spero).